Honey Bee Nutrition – Feeding the Bees

In a perfect world, honey bees are immortal superior organisms that are able to adapt to whatever nature brings their way. But in the real world, supplemental feeding is necessary in times of nectar dearth, building up weaker hives, and installation of new packages.  So, while it would be nice to be able to say there is no need to ever feed your bees, the fact is, their survival sometimes depends on supplemental nutrition.

 When to Feed

The simple answer is to only feed your bees when they absolutely need it. The trick is to know when that is.  At the time of hiving a new package, nuc or swarm, supplemental nourishment will support them in the massive effort of getting established.  In an established colony, feeding may be helpful during extended bad weather or nectar shortage.  Tipping your hive on a regular basis to check for weight is a good way to stay in tune with the amount of food stores inside the hive.

Honey Bee Nutrition

  Honey BHealthy (16 oz.)                 $24.95

This feeding stimulant is fed in spring and fall to stimulate the immune system. Prevents mold and fungus in sugar syrups, calms bees when used as a spray, builds colonies when fed during nectar deaths, and much more. Contains spearmint and lemongrass.

Amino-B Booster (16 oz.).               $24.95

Amino-B Booster is a specially formulated apiary blend of 20 amino acids vital to bee health.  Provides all necessary amino acids for healthy nurse bees and production of high quality bee milk and royal jelly for queen production.  Stimulates brood rearing when there is no natural pollen or nectar. Also effective in helping reduce “protein stress” for those times when there is a limited amount or the quality of pollen is low.  Fed in conjunction with Honey B Healthy.

Vitamin B Healthy (16 oz.)               $24.95

Vitamin B Healthy is a feeding stimulant that will help your hive thrive.  Provides needed nutrients vital to bee health. Helps build stron colonies which strengthens honey production and pollination.

Pollen Patties                                   $2.00/ 8 oz. patty    $4.00/ lb.

Chamomile Tea Bags  (20 ct)          $1.99

Adding chamomile tea to your sugar syrup not only calms your bees, but most importantly, it brings the PH of the sugar syrup closer to that of honey which is easier on their midgut.

Thyme Leaves                                 $2.25

Thymol, derived from the essential oils of the thyme plant, is the medication of choice when treating for varroa mites.   By adding thyme to your sugar syrup, you are supplying your bees with a natural repellant to the varroa mite.


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