About Us

BriaJean Acres is your capital area beekeeping supply choice, specializing in handcrafted beehive woodenware, including hive bodies, IPM screen bottom boards, slatted racks, inner covers, telescoping covers, ventilated gable covers and frames. All woodenware is handcrafted on site using native premium eastern White Pine from HG Wood Industries (located in the heart of the White Mountains – Bath, NH), surrounded by acres of forestland managed for sustainable White Pine harvest.


BriaJean Acres is also a Honey B Healthy™ authorized dealer!

Inside Shanty

Feel free to contact us at BriaJeanAcres@aol.com!


9 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Sorry I didn’t back to you sooner. Have been in Washington DC. Yes, I do have moisture boards. I will be in the shop on Sunday. Give me a call 226-4870 and let me know when you want to stop by. If phone goes to fax, try again.


  1. Thank you for all your help yesterday. We are so excited, and a bit nervous, to begin beekeeping. Your knowledge and advice about woodenware is invaluable!

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  2. Ed S.

    Does anyone use wax foundation anymore ? If so, where do you buy it and where do you get the frames set up for it.


    1. Hi Ed!

      I use wax foundation, and build the frames myself. I manufacture the frames I sell to fit either standard wax foundation, plastic inserts, starter strips or can be used as is for foundationless. Most beekeepers I know utilize wax foundations, as they are the closest to the natural habitat of the honey bees. Commercial beekeepers prefer plastic frames for simplicity. I sell both plastic and wax frame foundations. Thanks for asking!


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